Will the Nokia X2 carry an old-school operating system?

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Will the Nokia X2 carry an old-school operating system?
Is Nokia planning on using MeeGo or Symbian for the Nokia X2? On the Nokia Conversations site, where a countdown is in place for the X2's launch, a tag line reads, "Sometimes we have to go back, to move forward." Could this mean that Nokia will turn to Symbian or MeeGo to run the new handset?

The Nokia N9 was the only MeeGo powered handset produced by the manufacturer. While the gesture based OS generally received positive reviews from consumers, the plan to go ahead with Windows Phone 7 was going to happen no matter how many units the N9 sold. On the other hand, Symbian once held the largest market share globally, amongst smartphone operating systems. In fact, it wasn't until the fourth quarter of 2012 when Nokia's Windows Phone sales exceeded its Symbian sales.

Tomorrow, Nokia will introduce the Nokia X2 and we will know exactly what the company has up its sleeves. It is also possible that it will continue with the forked Android OS used on the original Nokia X, and that the tag line has no meaning whatsoever as far as which OS Nokia will employ on the phone. We will know all, on Tuesday.

Will Nokia go back to MeeGo or Symbian for the Nokia X2?

source: Nokia via DailyMobile


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