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Will the 8" space be the next big battlefield for tablet manufacturers?

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What is your preferred screen size for a tablet? Is it 10 inches or 7 inches? How about 8 inches? According to Chinese research firm TrendForce, tablet manufacturers will be focusing a lot of effort into establishing their foothold in the 8" space, as that tends to be the new sweet-spot for a tablet screen size.

The company believes that the iPad mini, along with the other similarly-sized tablets will have a share of 11.9% of the whole tablet market in 2013, which is quite the number. We remember being impressed with the portability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 back in 2011 - it really felt more comfortable to use than an iPad, but still had a decent display that didn't make things too small. Two years later, it looks like these "mid-sized" tablets are starting to get much more attention from consumers than they did two years ago.

According to Eric Chiou from TrendForce, there is progressively less value in 7" tablets for manufacturers, as the market is already flooded and prices have gotten extremely low:

So, which is your preferred screen size for a tablet?

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