Will it break? Samsung Galaxy S screen put to the test

Will it break? Samsung Galaxy S screen put to the test
The Samsung Galaxy S has a beautiful 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, but just how tough is it? We recently got convinced that despite Apple's claims of super-tough glass used for the new iPhone 4, it is actually quite breakable. The Galaxy S has the advantage of not being entirely made of fragile material, but still one can't help but wonder if that tempered glass covering the Super AMOLED panel is tough enough to survive a high number of accidental drops.

A Korean website has run an endurance test on the Samsung Galaxy S, and uploaded the video results for your viewing pleasure. We will spare you the suspense - scratching the screen's tempered glass surface is not easy, only a wallpaper knife left marks on it. The phone also survived a few 3 feet (90 cm) drops on asphalt. If it slips from your hand while talking, though – R.I.P., gorgeous screen, it was good knowing you.

source: SamsungHub

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26. sally unregistered

oh its a galaxy s2 btw

25. sally unregistered

i just dropped my mums phone from about 1 meter 50 cm and tiles and its fine. the battery pack came out so i put it back in and it was fine. its brand new-she only got it 2 days ago and she never dropped it b4. it has no scratches and he screen looks fine. i think they are quite durable.

24. linda unregistered

does anyone know where u can get the screen fixed on a galaxy s or price?

23. AmyWentGaga unregistered

Got my Galaxy S, the next day I put it in my pocket for no more than 10 minnutes, pull it out and it's cracked. Still works fine, but stuck with this for another 18montths. -__- I didn't even sit down or anything. And I already had a screen protector on ot. Not happy Jan.

22. lings unregistered

I HAVE THE SAME PHONE,.....i accidentally droped it from my hand....but my screen"s FITTING PEARS TOWARDS,near the frnt cam.......EVEN THE SERVICE MEN CANT FIX IT..

21. Imu unregistered

I have a galaxy fit.....dropped it a no of times...d last one being quite violent..d phone still works fyn though...no signs of damage...Is d phone hardware quite sturdy like Nokia's???does d accelerometer get damaged due to such drops???

20. Sid unregistered

I had dropped my Iphone 3gs and the screen multiple cracks. dats y i got the galaxy s. n trust me i must hv dropped it so many times but its still fine.. not even a single scratch on the screen. using a scratch gaurd thgh!!!

19. Aya unregistered

I've had my galaxy s for more than five months now and I have dropped it several times on tiled floors, highest was about 5 feet high.. No bad effects on the screen, no scratches or anything. Though my concern would be hardware problems, will these drops cause problems in the future? any of you experienced brokwn hardware or problems from dropped phones?

18. Nick unregistered

The Galaxy S is weak as piss. I have had an iphone 3GS for years and dropped it onto concrete many times. My galaxy S screen broke while it was in my pocket! (The internal screen, not the external glass) It seems that the galaxy has no torsional strength due to it being ridiculously thin. If you look at the 3GS iphone it has a very tough metal chassis and good hard plastic and judging by the weight of it, thicker glass on the front too. HTC phones will be my next purchase my friend at work has one and it's all metal on the back and nice and heavy feeling in your hand

17. Smokey unregistered

Bought 2 galaxy s phones. After 2 weeks, my son dropped his for the first time on the asphalt and the screen shattered. Two weeks later, my daughter dropped hers for the first time and the screen shattered. Neither phone was dropped more than 3 feet. I think they are terrible, and should have a disclaimer regarding the fragility of the screen. They are stuck with them (as they still work) for 1 year and 11 mos.

15. jedat unregistered

kyle same thing has just happened to me, i use a screen protected on rubber case as well.

14. Kyle unregistered

Pulled my phone out of my pocket tonight to find that the screen no longer works. No cracks on the screen, no scratches because of the screen protector. The phone itself is working but half the screen is black and colorfull lines. Although the screen may not crack, does not mean it will still function fully.

13. aaronb unregistered

hey guys just gotta say my galaxy s fell out of my pocket only once and it cracked straight away and it was from my trouser pocket . yet the phone and touch works perfect still.

12. dany unregistered

I just dropped my Samsung Galaxy S for the first time yesterday and the screen shattered. I've only had it 3 weeks and I'm only 5 foot tall so it's not that far to the ground but it still broke! i dropped my nokia phones lots of times and they never broke. I'm not impressed!

9. SGSFanBoy unregistered

Iphone 4's gorilla glass was meant to be the same thing but there were many reports of breakage even during the shipping..LOL In any ways, apart from the screen one would worry about the back side too. I hate when samsung makes those shiny backs. I have put on a GadgetShieldz full body protector (ordered fromwww.GadgetShieldz.com) and now the screen as well backside of the SGS is protected. I would not want someone to do all those tests on my phone though!!! I am very very possessive about my phones but that's me.

8. Andy unregistered

Mine scratched really easily within 2 weeks of owning it. Right in the middle of the screen. Very upset. Ordered a screen protector, not letting it out the case until it arrives. Don't believe the hype!

5. fsjon

Posts: 120; Member since: Sep 03, 2009

Is it me, or technology just getting prettier but it's functionality is going backward? Screen not legible outside, dropped a few times and it's done...etc. Like flat panel TVs, it's thin, it's pretty...but most cheaper brands still can not match the picture quality from some of the tube CRT TV a decade ago.

6. Mightymack

Posts: 74; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

i mean hey, what can you expect! its glass! glass breaks! not to mention that it stood through 2-3 drops without a problem! and im sure most electronic would break if you dropped it from 5-6ft any way

7. ace1122

Posts: 237; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

I agree with fsjon. I've had phones that have been thrown out the window (don't ask why) and they still work. And they aren't the super tough militaristic phones either so having a phone that break from simply dropping it scares the sh*t out of me.

4. applesr4eating

Posts: 32; Member since: Jul 01, 2010

I've dropped my POS Tilt2 at least 10 times and it still works.

3. xtroid2k

Posts: 601; Member since: Jan 11, 2010

I must say these android phones are very durable. My toddler took my droid off my desk in a fit of rage because the poor kid was not allowed to play with medicine and threw the phone as hard as he could on a bare floor and in the past down a flight of stares. If anyone has kids they can relate. My droid survived without a scratch. we won't talk about what happened to my ipod touch.

10. JAY1 unregistered

Glad your phone is fine. My question is, how's your kid?? My kid would have followed the phone right down the stairs. lol

2. mdw92581

Posts: 131; Member since: Feb 25, 2010

Man that is AWSOOME! I guess I just need a case for the Vibrant and no screen protector. And I can't speak Korean but I don't think they had nice things to say about Mr. Jobs

1. taaars

Posts: 13; Member since: Jun 27, 2010

I'm no expert but they really put that thing through the ringer they dropped that 3 times on its face then once from up higher the glass could have been compromised by the 4th drop and simply gave up. I don't want to compare but the iphone 4 took two drops at 3 feet and stopped working fourth drop and it shattered

11. My name unregistered

I have dropped my first gen iPhone numerous times (hard wood floor and concrete) and have yet to break the glass.

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