Apple iPhone 4: be careful not to drop it

Apple iPhone 4: be careful not to drop it
Remember when we told you about the folks at iFixYouri, who performed some drop tests with an Apple iPhone 4 prototype? The results of the test back then were pretty dreadful, with the strengthened glass being fatally broken on the third drop. The thing was we couldn't be sure if this would be the case with the final units.

Now those rascals of iFixYouri have returned, with a retail iPhone 4 unit, decided to put the costly gadget to the same meet-the-floor test. And this time they have documented it all on video. So here's the deal: the iPhone 4 successfully survived the first drop with little damage. The second drop didn't cause significant external damages as well, although it turned the phone off. No idea if could be turned back on. At this point we could feel the outcome of this won't be bright. The special glass managed to resist the third drop, but the fourth one put an end to the test, with the result being quite ugly.

So, whether or not you believe this glass is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, we would simply advise you to be extremely careful not to drop your iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

via: IntoMobile


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