Will Google have a chance as a consumer electronics company? (poll results)


With this week's announcements, Google now makes the Home gear, aka talking Assistant, a router, the Chromecast Ultra streamer, and, yes, two new phones so you can take the virtual butler with you on the road as well. These phones are now way more expensive than anything Google has done so far when it comes to handsets, and the other new products are also tagged at market prices. The company is thus trying to position itself as a high-end consumer products maker in the ranks of Apple or Samsung, which for now are the only ones that can charge such sums for their flagships, and still sell millions. 

That is why we asked you whether you think Google will succeed in its G-branded consumer electronics venture. After all, according to Google's Rick Osterloh and Rishi Chandra: "This is a coming-out party, without a doubt.. We’re no longer going to be shy about what we think is the right answer for us. What we are going to do is give the OEM ecosystem a chance to compete, meaning it’s a fair playing field." Fun fact: just s7% of our respondents don't think Google can make it in the cutthroat world of personal electronics. A third are convinced that Google will succeed, while more than a third acknowledge that the Pixels are just an initial effort by Google, and are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Will Google have a chance as a consumer electronics company?

Yes, they've already shown they can do it
Nah, the competition is too strong and established
We'll see, baby steps

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