WiMax launching in September

WiMax launching in September
At long last, 4G is finally here.  Well, almost.  Dan Hesse gave the keynote address for NXTcomm and confirmed that the service will launch commercially in September.  Baltimore will be the first market, followed by Washington DC and Chicago later this year.  Hesse also noted that the Instinct will be launching Friday, and that existing customers will have priority.  This is to demonstrate that "Sprint, from now on, will place our current customers first."  We've heard all along that there will be an unofficial soft launch today for customers that signed up for preorder via the promotional website, so this falls in line even if the days are off.  We'll keep you updated as more info on the WiMax rollout comes to light.

source: Gizmodo



1. VZW Employee unregistered

"4G"??? How do you define "4G"? A company that is about to go under lOl...

3. RJ04 unregistered

lol! But seriously I actually put one of these systems in for Sprint/Nextel and it is a pretty cool set up that uses some good equipment. I hope to see it suceed but unless Sprint replaced more then just a ceo the people who's decisions ruined them in the first place will destroy this as well. If it does get up and running this year it will force other companies to get going on lte which is a good thing for all consumers.

4. unregistered

giving your company a good name, as always...

5. RJ04 unregistered

actually I don't work for them personally, I was just commenting on this system. Plus I actually ripped them a little in the above post.

6. unregistered

settle down, it was a reply to vzw employee

2. unregistered

Kay phone nazi who cares about whats happened in the past really annoying the companies getting back after massive problems. They're still here and they're still doing well enough to survive.

7. DP unregistered

A WiMax ready Touch Pro coming November 2008? Awesome?

8. james1

Posts: 97; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Just a 2014 comment passing through

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