Wi-Fi reception issues are being seen with the HTC EVO 4G?

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Wi-Fi reception issues are being seen with the HTC EVO 4G?
There is little doubt that there are still only a small fraction of people who are graced with 4G coverage across the country, but for the many other new owners out there, they can resort connecting to Wi-Fi to receive faster speeds than 3G. However, there are reports from just about everywhere corners across the web that some new owners are experiencing issues with Wi-Fi reception. Specifically, some claim that they are only able to receive 1 bar of signal even though they've got the smartphone right next to the router. In addition, others state that reception quickly fades into oblivion as they move only a few feet away from their routers. Although it remains unclear if the issue stems from hardware or software, one thing is absolute – transmission speeds via Wi-FI look steady when they are within range and receive proper connections. Moreover, there is no official word from Sprint regarding the matter, but we're sure that there are still some customers still happy with its performance so far.

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source: HTC via Android Central


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