Whopping Exynos 8890 benchmarks tipped, Galaxy S7's chipset compared with Apple A9

Whopping Exynos 8890 benchmarks tipped, Galaxy S7's chipset compared with Apple A9
Rumored for development completion by year's end, the Galaxy S7 has been testing with both Samsung's own Exynos chipsets, and with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820, that much we've been tipped already. Samsung is pairing its Exynos with LTE modems as well, and we unearthed two purported Galaxy S7 versions on Geekbench - one dubbed Project Lucky-LTE, and the other simply Project Lucky, both powered by Exynos 8890 (codenamed M1 or Mongoose).

How about an Exynos 8890 running at its purported 2.4 GHz maximums, though? Well, a renowned chipset leakster account over on Weibo has tipped the breathtaking results of such configuration - 2304 points on the single-threaded, and the whopping 8038 points on the multi-threaded Geekbench cross-platform test. To put these results in perspective, the Note5 with the latest Exynos 7420 is clocked at 2.1 GHz, and scored 1431 and 4717 points, respectively, when we ran Geekbench 3 on it.

When it comes to the newest Apple A9 chipset, however, the source says that Exynos 8890 keeps a similar distance from its performance, as the current Exynos 7420 keeps from Apple A8. They purportedly got a 1.75 better result in multi-core performance for Exynos 8890 vs Apple A9, and 1.1 times weaker result in single-core showing. 

To some extent this can be attested by this iPhone 6s benchmark chart on the same test below, though the results vary with each run. Let's not forget, however, that Apple's A9 is reportedly clocked at lower, 1.8 GHz frequency, so it will be much faster on a clock-per-clock basis, at least in a single-threaded performance.

source: Weibo via G4Games & MobileSyrup

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