Which is your favorite feature of the Galaxy Note series?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up for pre-orders already and, with everything we know about the device, it's definitely a heavy-hitter. Well, that's sort of a running themse for the Note devices so far — they usually come some months after the Galaxy S flagship for the year and are either packed with slightly better hardware, have more software features, or both. Of course, we also have the Samsung S Pen stylus, which is still pretty much uncontested by rival smartphones.

But it's the Note's top-shelf features that actually make it a niche smartphone — it came out when large-screened smartphones were being sneered at (but did become the trend-starter for phablets); it has a very advanced stylus, which not many find valuable; it packs experimental hardware like the iris scanner or edge screen, before the aforementioned features make it to the "flagship" Galaxy S line.

So, all this said, we wondered — what is it exactly that pulls you towards the Galaxy Note line. If you are buying a Note 8 — what's the reason for that?

What is your favorite feature about the Galaxy Note line?

The bigger display
Slight hardware upgrade over the Galaxy S
The S Pen
Any experimental novelty features it might have
Something else (comment)

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