WhatsApp reveals plans to re-introduce its updated privacy policy

WhatsApp reveals plans to re-introduce its updated privacy policy
WhatsApp won't drop the changes it announced last month, so if you're using the company's app, you should expect the updated privacy policy to be implemented very soon. In fact, WhatsApp revealed today how it plans for its users to review the new terms of service and privacy policy.

The first thing that will happen in the coming weeks is your WhatsApp will start displaying a banner that offers more information about the updated privacy policy. The banner will also include details meant to address concerns the users have been raising since the initial announcement.

In case you're wondering, here is what WhatsApp says that it's changing in its privacy policy: “Bigger businesses, like an airline or retailer, might hear from thousands of customers at a time - asking for information on a flight, or trying to track their order. To make sure they can respond quickly, these businesses may use Facebook as a technology provider to manage some of the responses on their behalf. We will clearly label chats to make you aware when that happens.”

However, it's important to mention that this is completely optional, so it's your choice whether you chat with a business on WhatsApp, and you can block or remove them from your contact list. WhatsApp won't share your contacts with Facebook, and none of your information is visible, including personal messages or location.

That being said, you will eventually be forced to accept the updated privacy policy by May 15, otherwise, you won't be able to continue to use WhatsApp.

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