Two variations of Dark theme are reportedly being developed for the iOS version of WhatsApp

Two variations of Dark mode are reportedly being developed for the iOS version of WhatsApp
Whether you're using Android or iOS, Dark theme is all the rage these days. Both Android 10 and iOS 13 feature system-wide Dark theme settings and more and more apps are including such an option. Why? for a couple of reasons, really. At night, or in a darkened room, the usual white background (with black text) can strain the user's eyes and annoy innocent bystanders. In Dark theme, the black or gray background with white text isn't as offensive to one's eyes.

Besides saving your eyesight, there is another reason to toggle on Dark theme; for phones sporting an AMOLED display, using Dark theme can save some battery life. That's because OLED panels create the color black by turning off all pixels in the appropriate area of the screen; pixels that are turned off do not draw energy from the battery. But keep in mind that to save battery life, the version of Dark theme used by an app must have a black background, not a dark gray one.

Now you might recall that back in March, the beta version of WhatsApp for Android received a Dark theme feature, but only on the settings page. Because this configuration used a version of Dark theme with a gray background, those testing it did not score any additional battery life. And in fact, Android users with the public version of WhatsApp have yet to receive the feature at this point in time. As for iOS users who employ WhatsApp, they could end up with one of two different versions of Dark theme according to For those of you unfamiliar with WhatsApp, it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and is owned by Facebook.

It seems that when Apple released the system-wide Dark theme for iOS 13, WhatsApp's developers went back to the drawing board and came up with a new version of Dark theme from scratch. says that two different configurations are being developed. One uses a dark black background while the second configuration uses a lighter gray. The first variant would seem to offer the best battery life savings. Both versions have the same configuration for Dark bubbles.

While it isn't clear which one will be found on the iOS version of WhatsApp, the first configuration is the one that Facebook has decided to use for Instagram. The report does speculate that the app itself might choose from the two options depending on the settings of the iOS device that has the app installed.

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Apparently, the Dark theme feature for WhatsApp is still being developed so it might be sometime before iOS and Android users get the opportunity to try it out on the public version of the respective apps.

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