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WhatsApp co-founder "flattered" that iOS 8's iMessage is "borrowing" core WhatsApp features

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WhatsApp co-founder
The co-founder and current CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, revealed that he is "flattered" that iOS 8's iMessage has "borrowed" some of the features that WhatsApp has had for a long time now. Well, we would wager that Mr. Koum is being sarcastic, and although the CEO does not go into much detail, it's more than obvious that among the features in question are iMessage's newly-received capability to send audio and video messages, as well as share your location. Much like WhatsApp, iMessage in iOS 8 also allows its users to easily mute or leave a group chat.

Snapchat also has a stick to beat Apple with – the “self-destructing” messaging feature that will arrive on board of iMessage along with iOS 8 is among the core aspects of Snapchat. Thus, it will come to no surprise if the latter also comes out and criticizes Cupertino for “borrowing” this functionality.

An Australian company, named HealthKit, also got pretty annoyed at Apple. It appears that the tech giant could have forgotten to secure a trademark for its new health-centric product in the Land Down Under.
source: @JanKoum via TechCrunch

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