WhatsApp has disabled the App Store shortcut for stickers on iOS

WhatsApp has disabled the App Store shortcut for stickers on iOS
WhatsApp Stickers have already been available to iOS and Android users for over a month but it now appears there may be a slight problem on iPhones.

Unlike rival messaging services that offer sticker downloads from within their respective apps, WhatsApp users that wish to add to their collection are forced to download entirely separate sticker pack apps.

Now, in order to make this process much easier, WhatsApp previously included a link to the App Store that would bring up multiple sticker apps that may interest users. In a recent server-side update, though, the company disabled this button altogether.

If WhatsApp was to continue with its current sticker pack download method, the App Store would eventually become populated with hundreds of different sticker apps. However, Apple itself has already made clear that it’s not a fan of this by slowly removing the individual apps. Which could be why WhatsApp has disabled the link.

At the moment, a quick search in the App Store for WhatsApp sticker packs will bring up relatively few options. And because Apple is unlikely to have a change of heart anytime soon, it seems WhatsApp’s only workaround is creating an in-app sticker store of its own. Otherwise, it’ll risk upsetting users.



1. strategic_developer

Posts: 1627; Member since: Jul 17, 2018

All these devs need to drop Apple and move over ti the real most advanced and popular OS on the planet. These devs have a much larger audience and buyers just ready to go crasy. I bet sfornite has made so much money with Andeoid, that Apple is now a joke. This is why being able to sideload apps or have multiple stores is aweaome; no one company has too much control. As much as vompanus hated Microsoft. I bet they hate Apple more. But money talks and crap walks.

2. maherk

Posts: 7065; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

"This is why being able to sideload apps or have multiple stores is aweaome". You just explained why app developers prefer iOS. Because plenty of cheap ass morons prefer to sideload an app for free, which is stealing btw, rather than reward the developer for his job by paying for his app.

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