What's your favorite social network? Virgin Mobile wants to connect you for just $12

What's your favorite social network? Virgin Mobile wants to connect you for just $12
What's your favorite social network? If the answer is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, then Virgin Mobile will soon have a deal that might interest you, and it will only cost $12 per month. Of course, for that price, you know there is a pretty big caveat: the only data service you'd get would be to connect to one of those two social networks.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sprint is going to offer a new wireless plan for Virgin Mobile pre-paid customers called Virgin Mobile Custom, which will cater to users who only really care about certain parts of the Internet. The base plan costs $7 per line, and gets you just 20 minutes of talk and 20 texts. Adding another $5 per month ($12 total), will get you unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest; or, you can pay an additional $15 ($22 total) to get access to all four. Lastly, you can choose to pay another $5 per month will get you unlimited music streaming from any app you want. 

If you're cost conscious, this could be a pretty amazing deal. But, it also does cause concern for Net Neutrality activists, because this exact type of plan is what is shown as an example of what can go wrong when data isn't treated equally. On a small scale like this, it seems like a great deal, but what happens when you push it further? Imagine that your only option were plans like this where you have to pay $5 extra for each of the services you love, like YouTube, Maps, Skype, etc. The costs add up quickly, and the service you get is decidedly more limited.

source: WSJ


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