What is the HTC Merge, now listed on Verizon's inventory system?

What is the HTC Merge, now listed on Verizon's inventory system?
Use your imagination and you might be able to come up with the answer to the question, "What is the HTC Merge?" This mystery Android device now appears in Verizon's inventory system. With a reference code of ADR6325, some believe that this is the revamped HTC Droid Incredible, now fitted with Sony's Super LCD display to replace the AMOLED display that Samsung has been hogging. Others feel that the the Merge is nothing more than a Verizon branded HTC model that has already been released elsewhere-like the Desire.

Others have more ambitious theories about the Merge, ranging from a smartphone with a 5 inch display to some elaborate combination of handset and mini-tablet (hence the name, Merge). The most hoped-for scenario has this handset becoming Big Red's inaugural LTE handset with similar features as the ones seen on the EVO 4G. Some believe the phone to be a low to mid range device to balance out Verizon's top-heavy Android lineup. Just remember that the more elaborate the model you have dreamed up in your mind, the easier it will be to get let down when we finally find out exactly what the HTC Merge is.

source: Phandroid via IntoMobile

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