What do you get when you mix Bejeweled with WWE wrestling? This game...

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What's the most popular type of mobile game? The variation of "connect 4", known as Bejeweled-like games, we'd say — the titles, where you need to clear rows of differently-colored stones by connecting them. And what's among the most popular forms of TV entertainment? Well, the good-old wrestling, of course! So, what happens when you smash them together?

This game happens. It's called WWE: Champions – Puzzle RPG. At its core, it's a turn-based Bejeweled game, which has you taking turns against an opponent, attempting to destroy the most gems in one move, which grants you more score. The "score" in this game is measured in "damage" that your wrestler deals to the opponent. After each turn, you are treated to a pretty animation of two grown men pretending to fight each other.

Of course, the game is not as bare — there are plenty of bells and whistles thrown in to shake up the puzzling elements. For example, breaking specific types of colored gems will power up a specific power move, which will grant you a more damaging attack. When you do enough, you "pin" your foe. The pinned player now has 3 turns to achieve a certain score in order to get out of the pin and not lose the match.

The game is a freemium title, so, as you might expect, wrestlers are presented as "collectible cards" and you need to train them and upgrade them if you wish to last longer in the ring. Naturally, that costs in-game currency, which is either acquired by winning matches or by buying it with real cash. In-app purchases start from $5 for 500 in-game money and go up to $100 for 12,500 in-game cash. Sooo, yeah... careful with that.

WWE: Champions Puzzle RPG

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