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What can Bixby do? Samsung launches 3 videos to show you


OK, so Samsung's long-awaited Bixby Voice is finally available in the US, making Bixby a fully-functional voice assistant. Yeah, nobody was really jumping in excitement for it, but considering that Samsung was so confident in Bixby that it gave it its own button on the S8 and S8+, everyone was at least curious as to how well it can do compared to the other big AI assistants out there.

The verdict is still out and there are mixed opinions on the Web. And, you may even not know how far Bixby's capabilities span. So, naturally, Samsung launched a few videos to let you know what the assistant does.

Of course, we have the normal stuff — set a reminder, text this guy from my contacts. But then it goes deeper, allowing you to ask for all of your pictures of your pet, for example. Requesting a screenshot via voice is also possible, it seems. Bixby also has access to system toggles, such as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and blue light filter. Check out the videos below to see all Samsung has to show you.

Got a Galaxy S8? How's Bixby treating you so far?

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