We're sorry and we will not sell your pictures says Instagram

We're sorry and we will not sell your pictures says Instagram
Feeling sorry for using language that was not clear, photo-sharing site Instagram apologized over the phrasing of its new Terms of Service. Certain phrases in the revised ToS led many to believe that Instagram was planning on selling user's pictures to corporations and organizations for use on advertisements and would keep all of the compensation. Instead, co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said that the intent of the changes was to tell users that the site was planning on experimenting with innovative forms of advertising. Systrom made it clear that Instagram is not planning on selling any of the photographs on its site to third parties without compensation.

The site is owned by Facebook, which purchased Instagram in a deal originally valued at $1 billion. As a public company that is beholden to stockholders, Facebook is under some pressure to monetize Instagram to get some return on its investment. Systrom released a statement late Tuesday in which he spoke of his vision for the future, one where certain brands can advertise on Instagram and be featured. To the extent that an Instagram user might follow the brand, the user's photo could end up on the advertiser's page. Systrom reiterated his dislike of advertising banners for the site. He also said that members own the rights to their photos and that the photo-sharing site holds no interest in them.

Instagram said it is working on a easier to interpret ToS which will replace the one that caused the ruckus on Tuesday.

source: Instagramvia IntoMobile

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