Waterloo Apple Store screams “In your face, RIM”

Waterloo Apple Store screams “In your face, RIM”
With over 330 Apple Stores worldwide, Cupertino is taking over the world's tech scene one country, state and city at a time. But one of RIM's holy lands remained unassaulted by Apple's retail army – that's right, another battle unveils at Waterloo, but this time for smartphone domination as Apple is opening a retail location in the city. It's not like there are no retail locations carrying the bitten apple logo in Canada (there's 19 of them actually), but this one strikes right in the heart and soul of RIM – as you probably Waterloo is the city where the 'Berry maker's headquarters reside.

The new location is one of a total of three new Apple Stores opening in Canada soon. There's one in Vancouver, BC and a second one in Burlington, ON. But this particular one is located in Conestoga Mall, just five miles away from RIM's head office. It's not just pure aggression from Apple, though, the area might not be overly populated, but it has universities and tech centers making it very lucrative for a new Apple Store.

But being that close just screams “In your face, RIM.” Scarily for the Canadians, market dynamics show that BlackBerries' shrinking market share on one hand and the growth of iOS devices on the other makes the threat very real. Can RIM strike back? We'd only hope to see that new QNX-running 'Berry come sooner, otherwise we might well see Canadians flocking to that Apple Store nearby.



1. Trevor unregistered

RIM will not open stores, it does not sell computers mice, keyboards, speakers, printers, etc. If they have to open shops, this will mean HTC, Motorols, etc have to open theirs as well.

2. RIMpireStrikesBack

Posts: 25; Member since: Jul 11, 2011

Unless the Apple store can employ a majority of the town like RIM does, I dont really see this as an issue any one should take serious other than fanbois who like to argue...

3. Emil browning unregistered

Is it good to open Apple stores in city like RIM? Does it is not a problem? But anyway, I like collecting of gadgets, for me gadgets such as Laptops, iPhone, iPod, etc. very useful to relieve my boredom because my class schedule that dense. In addition, other benefit of the gadget is I can easily get the information for my project work. By: Emil

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