Watch the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man game for Android and iOS

Watch the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man game for Android and iOS
The Amazing Spider-Man is about to reboot at theaters on June 28th. No more Toby and no more Kirsten. Instead, a whole new group of actors will take us through the familiar story, albeit with a different plot. For those who can't escape Spider-Man's web (we heard that groan), Gameloft has created a mobile video game for both Android and iOS users. The game is expected to hit the App Store and Google Play Store around the 28th of the month, the same date the movie will launch.

Our Spidey Sense is tingling because it appears that Gameloft has created an outstanding game that follows the same plot as in the movie. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is called synergy. Go to the movie, enjoy the movie, buy the game. Or, the order could be buy the game, enjoy the game, go to the movie. Just as long as that good old money circulates, everyone involved with the Spider-Man franchise comes out ahead. And then the next year, out pops the sequel to the movie and the mobile video game and the process continues until the public either gets sick of the story or decides that it has better things to spend money on.

In the meantime, we have the trailer of the game for you to view. Spider-Man fans are going to like it as will game players in general. After you get a look at the video, let us know what you think of the game and whether or not you will be buying it. Simply type your comments in the box below.

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1. phonepro

Posts: 22; Member since: Mar 31, 2012

the talking part is *** but the actions and gameplay, so sickkkkkkkkkkkk

2. cepcamba

Posts: 717; Member since: Feb 27, 2012

Gameplay is good. But I think would require some serious ARM horsepower.

3. osanilevich

Posts: 287; Member since: Sep 29, 2009

I really hope this is a sandbox/open world style game. I would love to just fly around NYC

4. Ravail

Posts: 182; Member since: Oct 14, 2011

Looks pretty legit, if its an open-based world ill buy it.. Good thing i have a Skyrocket (AT&T) to push it :D

5. Jay_F

Posts: 236; Member since: Nov 29, 2011

Could be a good test for the Tegra 3 for me to try out.

6. Suts_97

Posts: 130; Member since: May 05, 2012

For Windows Phone?

7. RamyRamz69

Posts: 390; Member since: Dec 12, 2011

Just so Samsung and Apple fanboys(Not the respectable users who appreciate good tech) know, Colombia Pictures - A SONY pictures entertainment.

10. wassup

Posts: 565; Member since: Jun 23, 2011

and it will probably run like s**t on their devices while the Galaxies and iPhones run it flawlessly

8. denied911

Posts: 361; Member since: May 31, 2012

don't like super heros

9. Mitchel

Posts: 228; Member since: May 25, 2012

Too bad.. This game will not be as exciting playing on 3.5 inch screen.. :(

11. dmckay12

Posts: 243; Member since: Feb 25, 2012

The movie launches on July 3rd, not June 28.

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