Watch out Apple, here comes Amazon's Appstore

Watch out Apple, here comes Amazon's Appstore
According to the latest stats from Flurry, the Apple App Store has a red-hot challenger on its tail and it's not the Google Play Store. Using stats compiled during the 45 days from the middle of January, for every $1 in revenue that came into the Apple App Store, 89 cents was spent in the Amazon Appstore. Trailing badly is the Google Play Store which had only 23 cents of sales for each $1 spent in Apple's online applications store. RIM's BlackBerry App World and Windows Phone Marketplace were not included in the survey.

So what accounts for this discrepancy? Flurry believes that it is due to the nature of the companies involved. Apple and Amazon are firms that know how to sell while Google is known for its search engine and other non-sales related businesses. Other reasons for Google's dismal showing include the lack of new apps, the difficulties of using Google Wallet to pay for a purchase and the expectations from users that apps should be free.

It should be interesting to see if Amazon can catch the Apple App Store and if the guys at Cupertino are feeling any pressure.

source: Flurry via Electronista


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