Watch Steve Jobs accurately predict the future of the iPhone on the day it was unveiled in 2007

Watch Steve Jobs accurately predict the future of the iPhone on the day it was unveiled in 2007
Back on January 9th, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone and the mobile world was never the same again. That afternoon, Jobs was interviewed by financial network CNBC and some of his responses to questions posed by the reporter was spot on in regards to what would happen in the future. In addition to the answers given by the Apple co-founder, it is interesting to hear what was going on in the market at the time.

As was pointed out during the interview, Apple's stock was soaring once word about the iPhone spread. And we hear the CNBC announcer mention that Research In Motion shares were declining sharply. That was the name of the company that produced BlackBerry handsets up until January 30th, 2013, when the name was changed to BlackBerry. From that very day when the iPhone was first seen, even Wall Street traders could tell that there was a changing of the guard.

It is funny to hear Steve Jobs talk about the iPhone getting 1% of the handset market, which shipped 1 billion units in 2006. That means that Jobs was pleased at the prospect of Apple shipping 100 million iPhones during the next calendar year. To put that in perspective, the company sold 74.5 million iPhones during its 2015 fiscal first quarter alone. He also says in the interview that with the introduction of the iPhone, Apple has changed what consumers' expect from a mobile phone going forward. "I think the iPhone may really change the whole phone industry," Jobs stated. "I think that this is where the world's going."

And whether or not you like the iPhone, the truth is that on the day it came out, those developers working on Android realized that it needed to start over so that the platform could support a touchscreen. So even if you are a die hard Android fan, you still have the iPhone to thank.

While the iPhone was unveiled in January 2007, it wasn't released until the end of June. That five month wait was needed at the time since Apple was building a new product, and was also building demand for it. While such a wait could kill a new phone these days, back in 2007 it only made people more and more desirous to own the iPhone.

source: EverySteveJobsvideo

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