Walmart cans employees who tossed and smashed Apple iPad units on video

Walmart cans employees who tossed and smashed Apple iPad units on video
Remember that video we showed you of a Walmart nightshift crew in Pikesville. Kentucky? To refresh your memory, these bozos were in the stockroom, tossing boxes allegedly containing Apple iPads as though they were flipping a frisbee across the room. Even worse, one of the boxes was thrown forcefully onto the ground.

Tossing around sensitive electronic devices meant for customers is not smart. But perhaps even dumber is allowing someone to film the dastardly deed. The incident took place in August and according to someone who posted the video on Reddit after receiving it from one of the store's employees, those who were involved in the activity were fired by the retailer and prosecuted.

Even though there is a question about what actually was in the boxes that were being tossed and smashed to the ground, Walmart believes the video to be real. In a statement to CNET, a Walmart spokesman said that the actions on the video made the company wince and was embarrassing. He did note that no merchandise has been returned and the Pikeville Police Department said that no reports about the incident have been filed.

The bottom line is if you are spending hundreds of dollars on a new Apple iPad, or any device, you might think twice about making the purchase at Walmart, although this could potentially happen anywhere. How can the deep discounter repair the damage that this might have caused them? Time will help, but by firing those responsible, Walmart has already made it clear that it has a zero tolerance toward these kind of hijinks. Still, those who have read this story are going to wonder if the device that they just purchased from Walmart was once used as a football.

source: Reddit via CNET

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