WP7 devices coming to Verizon before 2011?

WP7 devices coming to Verizon before 2011?
Hold the phone. Before you go out and buy one of the great Android devices on Verizon, you should know that Window Phone 7 might be coming to Verizon sooner than you think. According to the Windows Phone official Twitter account, they could be coming in time for the holiday season.

Windows Phone tweeted @joeyjoyjoy, saying that "WP7 devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season, and more will arrive in early 2011!" We're a little confused, as they originally said they would arrive in early to mid 2011. That's not to say that we're disappointed. Verizon customers have had the pick of the litter in Android devices, but variety never hurts.

The original post was taken down, which makes us think that it was either inaccurate, or they weren't meant to disclose that until the proper marketing was in place. They now say that "Verizon is a valued partner and we look forward to seeing Windows Phone 7 devices in their stores in 2011." We could rectify these two statements by saying that the devices could debut on January 1st. That still counts as the holidays, right?

source: @windowsphone (Twitter) via Engadget

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