Voyager Mobile aborts its launch due to a 'malicious network attack'

Voyager Mobile aborts its launch due to a 'malicious network attack'
Just yesterday, we reported that Voyager Mobile intended to throw the switch on to its service starting today, May 15th. However, something has gone terribly wrong between yesterday and this morning that prevented them from moving forward in making that leap to stardom.

Actually, taking a quick stop at Voyager Mobile’s web site, the newcomer in the wireless landscape has abruptly postponed its launch due to a “malicious network attack to its primary website.” Furthermore, it seems as though they’ve opted to delay the launch to a “time and date in the very near future.” So far, there is no word regarding the exact details of the attack, or if a specific party is to blame for it all.

Of course, there are going to be some people saddened by all of this, especially when Voyager Mobile is bringing wireless service for dirt cheap! Who knows what’s behind the attack, but we’re sure that people are still going to be starving to check out the rewards based service offered by them.

At the moment, all we can do is simply wait until things are cleared up over at Voyager Mobile land. However, once they’re given the thumbs up, we’re certain consumers will be itching to check out the new service - especially when it's one of the more affordable things out there on the market.

source: Voyager Mobile via Engadget
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