Virgin and Helio to merge?

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Virgin and Helio to merge?
The two MVNOs are reported to be in talks to become one. Helio, controlled by SK Telecom, has been in financial trouble since Earthlink pulled its funding. SK Telecom wants to increase its presence in the US, but they have been forced to grow look or at exiting the market all together. Virgin Mobile offers a stable partner and would gain higher end post-paid plans as well as cutting edge phones from Helio. Both products currently run off of Sprint's network, so there would be minimal integration issues. One possible move is for SKT to buy Virgin USA, pump cash into the company and then acquire Helio in an all-stock purchase. Neither side has confirmed these plans however, so for now we'll treat this as rumor.

source: MOCOnews via EngadgetMobile



1. FerneyZan unregistered

This from SKT does not surprise me at all, but what does is that Virgin Mobile may end up been the one getting bought out by SKT.. Most likely it will be renamed HELIO which it would be very cool for sure..

2. unregistered

This will not happen and will never happen. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint. Sprint is not letting SK Telecom purchase anything from Sprint what so ever! There have also been rumors about SK Telecom buying out Sprint which will not happen either!

3. sinfulta unregistered

Virgin Mobile is not owned by Sprint. It's a seperate MVNO operated under the huge Virgin brand... their other major brands include for example: Virgin Airlines, Virgin Records. They pay to borrow Sprints Network and have an exclusive contract with them. It would not be suprising if SK Telecom did buy Virgin Mobile. They have the cash flow, especially in there home area in South Korea. I would not be surprised if they bought Sprint as a matter a fact either since Sprint can not continue to operate like they have been. I give them 3 years if they don't start to make some changes.

4. unregistered

It was confirmed today on Engadget that Virgin Mobile bought Sprint. All Helio stores and kiosks are closing on Tuesday, and all Helio employees are being laid off this week.

5. unregistered

Yes this is true, all cors and corks are closing down, and the only store will remain open is the one located in NY but the business is running still, they can order online or they can call 888 884 3546

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