Video shows developer's BlackBerry 10 style QWERTY for the Apple iPhone

Video shows developer's BlackBerry 10 style QWERTY for the Apple iPhone
Remember the video we showed you earlier this month revealing an early peek at the virtual QWERTY on the BlackBerry 10? The one thing about the keyboard that seemed universally applauded was the way that suggested words appeared on the top of the keys themselves rather than in a row on top of the keys. This should make using the auto-suggestion system a lot easier and require less finger movement which translates into faster typing amongst 'Berry users. Now along comes iOS developer Mario Hros who has been working on his own virtual QWERTY keyboard for the Apple iPhone called Octopus. Sure enough, Hros liberally borrows from RIM's new QWERTY to add a similarly-styled auto-suggestion system to the iPhone.

Octopus Keyboard has its own completion engine and learns new words as you use them. There are some issue with the beta version with auto-punctuation and auto-capitalization and a full release is penciled in for May 20th. There is one little problem and that is that iOS, unlike Android, doesn't allow users to change the default QWERTY. That means if you want all eight tentacles of the Octopus Keyboard, you will have to Jailbreak your iOS device to grab up the app from the unofficial Cydia app store.

source: SlashGear


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