Video shows Nokia EOS will feature mechanical camera shutter

Video shows Nokia EOS will feature mechanical camera shutter
The Nokia EOS better get officially unveiled soon as leaks of the upcoming camera superphone are flooding the web and in the latest one we get to finally see the 41-megapixel camera of the phone in action. In a video taken up close you can see that the camera on the Nokia EOS fire multiple shots and it is obvious that it comes with a mechanical shutter rather than the electronic shutter most other smartphones have.

The main benefit of having a mechanical shutter is that it hugely reduces and simplifies the circuitry on a device. Having an electronic shutter (where the sensor basically starts gathering light for a set period of time) means added electronics at each pixel location.

The mechanical shutter on the other hand often allows for a simpler and more effective sensor with a higher fill rate where each pixel gathers more light.

All of this along with the rumored large sensor would make not just for a great all-around cameraphone, but for one that performs particularly well in low-light. Those are all guesses right now, though, so take a look at the video below to see the Nokia EOS camera in action.

source: ViziLeaks

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