Video captures the fear as an iPhone drops 8 feet to the ground

Video captures the fear as an iPhone drops 8 feet to the ground
Even though today's smartphone pack so many features onto a thinner body, it seems that the manufacturers have found a way to keep the devices from completely falling apart after one drop. Some handsets, like the Motorola DROID, have a metal casing that does a great job in taking the impact of a drop. Others, while not made with metal, are built with sturdy enough plastic that is thick enough to survive an accident. The BlackBerry Storm comes to mind in that department. We also recently told you about the Gorilla Glass manufactured by Corning and used on the aforementioned DROID, that apparently requires a nuclear blast to crack. The Apple iPhone is another smartphone that can take its share of abuse. The other day Pro MMA fighter David Fermin was doing a stunt on some pipes 8 feet above ground. Fermin forgot that his iPhone was in his pocket and sure enough, BAM! The iPhone took the 8 foot drop like a studly MMA fighter and came out with no damage to speak of. Of course, it did have a Griffin case on it, but the case broke apart on impact. Anyone else have a harrowing tale of a cellphone drop that your handset somehow survived?

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source: Gizmodo


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