Video allegedly shows Apple AirDrop transmitting an in-flight photo from one cockpit to another

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If you've never used AirDrop on your Apple iPhone or Mac, it is a tool used to transfer small files between iOS devices (and Macs) without requiring the use of email or any internet service at all. Even though both the transmitting device and the receiving device are not online, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles must be set to "on" on the two units. To show a real-life example of AirDrop in action, a video was posted showing the alleged transmission of a photo between two iOS devices on board separate airplanes in flight.

The video opens with the captain of a Boeing 747-8 explaining how he is going to send a photo to a Singapore Airlines 777 via the AirDrop technology. Keep in mind that the two planes are roughly 1,000 feet apart, one 35,000 feet off the ground and the other 36,000 feet up. For most of the video's 55 seconds, we can see some airborne images and the control panel on the transmitting plane, while both pilots exchange some non-essential chat.

Just before the 32 second mark, we see an iPhone in the cockpit of the 747-8 sending out an image of the Singapore Airlines jet to that particular plane. The second pilot acknowledges the receipt of the picture by saying, "We appreciate your AirDrop." Unfortunately, the video really doesn't prove anything since the whole clip could easily have been faked. The good news is that as far as we know, neither airline had to throw anyone off the flight before take-off.

Have any of you used AirDrop? This is hardly a new technology, and enough time has passed to whip out any bugs. Let us know if it has worked seamlessly for you by dropping your comments in the box below.

source: CollegeNewsNetwork via RedmondPie

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