Video: Open webOS is running pretty smoothly on a Google Nexus 7

Video: Open webOS is running pretty smoothly on a Google Nexus 7
The gang at WebOS Ports has been very busy. When Open webOS v1.0 was released, we got to see Open webOS running on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus the very next day. Since then, we have seen Open webOS run on a variety of devices. The pace of development is pretty impressive for the three months that have gone by since the official release of the open source platform.

Now, we get to see it in action again, this time on a Google Nexus 7. There are two things that stand out about this particular port, the first is that it only took Simon Busch with WebOS Ports a week to translate the build from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 7, the second is that Open webOS is able to run without being connected to a PC. Boot-up still requires a tether, but after that, the tablet can be unplugged from the desktop.

Being that the Nexus 7 is a pure Android tablet, it was a natural step to take for the WebOS Ports crew. The video below says it all. Remember, this is an early alpha build. Despite that, it is pretty impressive to see how smoothly things are operating on the Nexus 7. This is pretty much the work of guys in their spare time which makes the progress made over the past three months even more notable.

via: webOS Nation

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