Verizon's Open Device Conference coming in March

Verizon's Open Device Conference coming in March
Verizon Wireless today announced that they will be holding an OpenDevelopment Device Conference from March 19-20 in NY to release its publication of the Version 1.0 specifications for their "Any Device, Any Network" initiative. The March 19 conference will focus on how wireless device manufactureswill be able to bring new devices to the marketplace under Verizon's Open Development initiative.

Anthony A. Lewis, VP of the Open Development initiative said, "Version1.0 will provide the roadmap for wireless device visionaries and tinkerers, as well as existing device makers, to create consumerproducts not offered directly by the company, which can run on the nation's most reliable network."

Most importantly, Version 1.0 will give manufactures the foundation for device certification. While in the coming weeks, Verizon plans to dive deeper with application developer to match applications with device designers.

While the conference agenda on March 19 will focus on the goals and standards of the initiative, March 20 will be designed for one-on-one visits between attendees, developers and the Verizon Wireless Open Development team. Since this is the first major step that Verizon has made in its OpenDevelopment initiative, they are expecting the first approved devices to be available later this year. FAQs regarding the Open Development impact on consumer may be found here.

Based on this preliminary information, any CDMA phone can be submittedby its manufacturer to certify that it will work properly on Verizon's network. Verizon will not be responsible for the software applications on the device, but will simply test network connectivity. Once a device has passed certification, consumers will be able to use that device on Verizon's network. However, it is unclear as to where the consumer will actually purchase the device from.

Verizon will also be webcasting the March 19 conference at the site.

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source: Verizon Wireless



1. Interested unregistered

Do i see the I phone being used on verizons network in the near future?? hmmm soon Verizon will be unstoppable muahahaha!!!!

2. T-HUFF unregistered


3. David A. unregistered

Finally Verizon is going to allow cellphones not plagued with there terribly ugly, unresponsive, and locked out the ass opperating system.

4. elgee02 unregistered

After reading David A's post I decided to inspect my enV I've had for over a year now. So let's go over David's points: terribly ugly? No, not really. It looks better than the LG manufactured UI I've seen on Sprint phones. I got my choice of display themes as well so I can change it to my liking. Unresponsive? Ha, not at all... I can breeze through the menu on this phone as quick as any other manufactured UI. No lag at all. Locked? Hmm, I can SMS, MMS, make my own ringtones, and OBEX through my bluetooth. What on earth is locked I wonder? Either, David is an uneducated mindless anti-VZW drone repeating lies... yawn.

5. unregistered

Don't get your hopes up!

6. vz employee unregistered

the whole concept of the any phone any network initiative is that it is regarless of gsm or cdma, if a sim card is required we'll have one and if not then no sweat anyway. This is a great concept and yes the i phone will be bought from AT&T and then their customers will just bring them to us. it's not a difficult concept, its just about time thats all. no need to get all bent out of shape about providers, if your happy with a company stay there and stop wasting energy claiming one provider is better than another.

7. MissVerizonWireless unregistered

Verizon Wireless is going to let me carry a cute lil pink palm centro instead of my giant Treo dubya!! yippee! VZW is above the rest...don't mess with the best!

8. unregistered

you know has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe verizon has the standered interface because when some people upgrade they don't want to have to relearn where everything is before they can use their phone? granted yeah it's not that pretty but you have to think about the older people who use them too who like that it's not differant just cause they got a new phone. verizon will not have iphone...thats a shit phone att can keep it on their crap network.

9. SPENallday unregistered

Dude there is no way Verizon can role out a sim card and allow GSM phones to be activated on their network. Last time I checked Verizon was CDMA so no you will not be able to put a GSM iphone on Verizon! However I don't see anything that would stop you from buying a Korean or Japanese iphone was CDMA "and is set to be released sometime this year" and activating that on verizon's network.

10. David A. unregistered

unless you know some l33t hacks for your phone towers you really cant activate a GSM phone on a CDMA network, you can try all you want, but the technology and the frequency isnt even close, but hey you can always go work for AT&T and then your anyphone statement would work for all the european phones!

11. to the Verizon Wireless Comment unregistered

well, i have had plenty of time to think about why they would keep it, i mean i love it when i get text messages when im writing one and then it freezes up, but whats even cooler is that i cant do anything else why i play music. and when it randomly reboots in the middle of what ever you do is probably the best feature it has. i mean with all those great things ive just stated above why would you ever want to change it. if you really cant figure out a cellphones Operating System, i think the Nokia 3360 is the right phone for you, its pretty straight forward.

12. Jole55 unregistered

Ok, gsm chipset phones like the i-phone will NEVER work on a cdma network, unless you change the gsm chipset in the phone out and replace it with a cdma chipset. Good luck with doing that without screwing up the phone. Just wait tell 2010, 2011 ish when AT&T's exclusive agreement with apple runs out. Verizon won't pass on the I-phone twice, they wont make that same mistake again. But can you imagine in 2010/11 when verizon and at&t launch their LTE networks internet surfing speeds on your phone averging "80-180 MBPS" with bursts well over 280 MBPS "sprint say goodbye to wi-max" Also by than there will be dozens of different phones with full internet browsers. Apple just came out with it first. I'd bet in the next 9-20 months there will be several different full internet browsing phones, just like the i-phone.

13. VZWgirl unregistered

Ok....We would all LOVE to think that GSM phones could be used on VZW, mainly cause alot are just cooler, but we know thats not gonna happen anytime soon.Too many differences in the two networks. And as far as the Iphone, VZW didnt want it then, and thier not gonna want AT&Ts sloppy seconds in the next decade!

14. steviecrackberry unregistered

CDMA blows!!

15. SPENallday unregistered

Ok so the iphone has been the biggest selling handset of its kind. It also requires that subscribers purchase more data in order to fully utilize it.....but you’re right Verizon doesn't want that…Oh wait yes they do. Also, you will recall the 4th quarter At&t added more net users than verizon by a large amount and it wasn't because of At&t's might have something to do with the launching of the Iphone...ANyways my point is that of course Verizon wants the Iphone and one of the reason they passed on it initially was because Apple wanted its name on the product. Verizon wanted less attention being drawn to the manufacture and more to the network. I don't know if you guys have noticed b utApple has a strangle hold on the Iphone, its applications, and software upgrades. Well the old Verizon would have none of that. It had to be their U.I., their choice of applications , everything Apple didn't want to do. However, Verizon has gone through a paradigm shift and the whole purpose of this "Anyphone Any App" promotion is Verizon realizes they shouldn't be in the phone manufacturing industry, and is dropping their nazi death hold on their control of the new phones. This is always why they went to charging per kilobtye for data instead of minute uage. They don't care what application you use, as long as it requires kilobyte usage, they get paid. It really is a great move for Verizon "as that has always been and I am sure will always continue to be their biggest motivating factor." and it also happens to be a good move for us the consumer. So when the Iphone comes around again in 2010 or 2011 you better believe Verizon will want a CDMA variant of the phone.

16. SPENallday unregistered

Dude, do some research before you make your asinine comments about technology you don't understand. Look I am sorry you are still stuck using 2g on your horrible GSM network, and that you are hoping to get 3g shortly after Verizon roles out LTE. I would be frustrated too but don't let your frustration turn into comments that put your ignorance and lack of logical though process on the proverbial pedestal for all see. If you can't over come your obvious deprivation of intellect, please for your own self respect keep your comments to yourself.

17. vzw rocks unregistered

HMMMMMMM if cdma sucks so much how come the carrier with the fewest dropped calls was forced by the FCC to stop all advertising that made that statement..GSM BLOWWWWWS

18. Darkness unregistered

I was finally able to activate my Korean phone (which has CDMA capability)on Verizon, but this open access thing would be better if GSM phones could work on it as well. Verizon needs to come out with better looking phones too, all their phones are boring, but the service is excellent!

19. daGURU unregistered

Another reason why Verizon will not be getting the iPhone is because Verizon will be signing a contract with Rhapsody and that totally conflicts with iTunes. #15 is also right about how Apple wants its name on their devices and no one else's. Verizon has a tendency to put their logo on every device they carry no matter the manufacturer. These 2 companies just conflict too much with their provisioning on services and applications to really work with each other.

20. shadow unregistered

cdma sucks that is just the way it is. I had more dropped calls when I had verizon and sprint. I have never had a drop call from the number 1 network which is att.

21. unregistered

your an idiot if you think that gsm is better than cdma. Do your research gsm has been hack in on more than one ocassion. Why would I trust my information on a network that can get hack in and have full access to whatever information is flowing over it at that time and if at&t is soo good why do they do everything verizon does to the letter.

22. ale unregistered

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