Verizon's Nationwide Calling & Data Plans

Verizon's Nationwide Calling & Data Plans
Beginning on November 1st, Verizon is replacing the current America's Choice calling plans with new Nationwide Calling Plans. First and foremost, current customers will keep their current plan, unless they call Verizon and request a calling plan change (such as a change of minutes). This is known as being "grandfathered" in.

The new plans will cost the same and offer the same amount of minutes as current Individual and Family Share plans. This includes the Basic, Select, and Premium plans.

The main difference with the new Nationwide calling plans is that Mobile Web is now included in with the price of all plans. However, when using Mobile Web on "Basic" and "Select" plans, you will be billed $1.99 per MB, instead of it using your plan minutes. Also, downloading through Get-it-Now will be billed as using data in adition to the price of the download. The only options not to be billed per MB is to add the $15 "VCast VPack" or $25 "VCast Mobile TV Select", which includes unlimited data usage, or select a "Premium" calling plan.

We have also been told that add-on data plans for BlackBerry devices will be lowered to $22 per month, but SmartPhone data add-on will remain at $45.



1. MC PVILLE unregistered

my question is if u have mobile web right now will it still be the same or will i have to drop it

2. Lanman unregistered

My question is why are you putting proprietary information on the web? Because I'll tell you right now, I do work for VZW, and if I were to find out who you were I would show you that we weren't joking when we put that label on the bottom, "proprietary information" for a reason.... you should be ashamed of yourself as a VZW employee~!!

3. unregistered

Did you not read the article? If you still have the old calling plans, you will be grandfathered in, and you won't have to change to the new per mb data plans unless you change your minutes.

4. Joey Styles unregistered

Man it looks like we have a some sending information straight from the tranning class to the web that is terriable, but to anwser the mobile web question no you can still use mobile web with the 5 dollar charge but if you change your rate plan then you would be on the megabytes package for 1.99 per meg

5. Brad unregistered

Are these MB prorated? If i use 0.5 MB am I charged $0.98? Otherwise this is a scam designed to make people buy VCAST. Boo VZW.

6. 7pm unregistered

Any talk of VZW coming out with earlier night minutes like every other carrier has?

7. unregistered

there has not been any talk of VZW coming out with nights starting at 7pm. don't hold your breath, i doubt it'll happen for awhile, especially since they're in the process of revamping their plans right now and it's not included in the new ones.

8. unregistered

I agree with Lanman, I am not too thrilled that you posted this item as it is proprietary. Tisk TIsk

9. tisktisk unregistered

Too True, for the rest of us VZW employees. Its sad but if this stuff keeps happening this is going to be taken off of the approved website lists!

10. VZW unregistered

What is wrong with you other VZW employees? We will have no access to any websites that aren't VZW internal sites if this crap keeps happening. I so totally hope these idiots are found out and FIRED.

11. dddave unregistered

Jeez guys. If the big "V" wasnt 6 months to a year BEHIND every other player in the market maybe there would be a reason to post this stuff. If they werent so busy reprogrammin crappy homescreens and crippling DUN and bluetooth maybe they could get some cred.....

12. unregistered

If these new plans start on Nov 1, that is only 2 weeks away. Insider info is always being leaked to MANY sites.

13. ren0 unregistered

as you can read on the paper it says "INDIRECT SALES QRG"... So it was someone who does not work for VZW but a third party dealer. @Prorated/Brad It will not prorate, it rounds up to the nearest MB after the cycle ends.. therefor if you use half MB here and a half MB there you don't get charged $1.99x2 you just get the $1.99 charge

14. ren0 unregistered

half of $1.99 is $0.99 ;)

15. re So What unregistered

Propriatary means confidential. So what means that 2 weeks is enough time for the competition to respond. Definitely not cool.

16. Employee Of Another Provider unregistered

Ha Ha! You guys deserve it! You can revamp your plans a million times over it still wont bring you more customers, you know what will? Good Customer Service, and you guys...don't have that. ~stuff~

17. jojo unregistered

haha like competitors have better customer service. come on. you guys barely have door swings. in part i agree with you. when you only see 3 customers a day its much easier to give better one on one customers, i laugh everytime i see the local t-mobile/cingular store empty.

18. chris unregistered

ooooo let's not let the consumers know our new confidential petty plan changes. the other carriers might try to do the same thing. you know what people, who really gives a crap? i am a verizon customer and the reason that i am is not because i found out about these plan changes on this site. i am a verizon customer because it is the best service in my area and that is the bottom line. if i were to move and there was another carrier that had better service then i would change to them. so, to you vzw employees on here worrying about someone leaking out plan changes quit worrying about the petty unimportant things and go to the higher powers that be and work on getting more towers put up because in the end, the only thing that matters is service and even though verizon is the best in my area it could be even better. you sound absolutely rediculous. quit trying to be superman.

35. agree with consumer unregistered

You are the first person on here who sounds sensible! BTW... In MY area, verizon sux LESS than the competition but please, get more towers out there!

19. VZWguy unregistered

as much as I hate to admit it, it really SHOULDN'T matter, but it DOES matter, because there are only so many sites verizon employees can go to, and this is one of them, once some jackass loser IT guys find the info on here, and it is from a reseller....they will more than likely still deem this site to be a security risk(even though i can get to it after work and send it up if I wish). sad...but welcome to the same corporate america that won;t let thier staff use Onstar in rental cars because they are not secure transmissions.

20. vzw customer unregistered

am i the only person that thinks 450 minutes for $40 is a rip? I wish they'd let you pick 5 #'s to add in your IN network from other carriers.

21. unregistered

If Verizon Sucks so bad they why are the most poplular articles always talking about them. Like 6 fo the 7 now listed here.

22. unregistered

Also Lets thanks AT&T for prorating there ETF's and now not changing there contracts per they copied Verizon. Also i belive we forgot to mention that AT&T charges 10.32 a MB and Sprint is over 30$.

23. unregistered

That's like comparing apples and oranges though, AT&T/Cingular has billed for MB usage for years now, and their msg/data plans are set up differently.

24. Omie unregistered

Since I don't work for Verizon I cant get fired ;) so it doesn't matter to me. ill keep sending in info and posting it where my little heart so DESIRES :)

25. unregistered

My Circle, Roll-over, Nights at 7, 1 million minutes for 20.00, Ect. These thing are necessary to make up for a lack of coverage and slow data speeds. Point Blank.

26. unregistered

The really big news here is the $22 Blackberry plan. Of course we will have to see exactly what that is and whether other Blackberry plans will adjust downward accordingly.

27. Kingding unregistered

I spoke to a few managers and customer service reps and they said Verizon has no plans of changing at all because in their own words; verizion feels that their current service is superior to everyone elses and dont have to change. To me I just changed fom sprint to verizon and I hate it.

28. Validas admin unregistered

Hey VZW employees did you email, text or call all your existing blackberry users who pay over $30 a month to let them know about this new deal? Now you know why the founders left.

29. unregistered

Verizon is shady. This is just another example. I had a 500 minute plan upgraded to a 700 plan and only used up 400 minutes and I was billed for overarge minutes at their $0.45/min because of how they calculate it. The CSR didn't tell me and if I had known I would've changed the plan on the last day. I had to go to upper management and was put on hold for over 30 min and all they could give me was a partial credit. It goes to show you that they will find ways to make extra off you for little things like upping your plan which already benefits them.

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