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Verizon to block bandwidth heavy apps in new VCast store

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Verizon to block bandwidth heavy apps in new VCast store
Wasn't it just the other day when Verizon announced its new VCast app store? Didn't CEO Lowell McAdam say that the days of  Big Red's "walled garden" were over? It appears that while one wall is torn down, a new wall is built. In a magazine Q&A in Venturebeat that is sponsored by Verizon, Brian Higgins, the carrier's Executive Director of Eco-System Development, commented that the carrier would ban any app that is bandwidth intensive, "We know how much data costs us per megabyte. We need to take a look at each of these applications, case by case, to make sure that we’ve got applications which are completely upside-down relative to what we will be charging to consumers. Moving over to LTE, you will always have the same sort of sensitivities," he said before stating that once LTE is in place, more video rich apps will be allowed through to the VCast store. As Verizon has a 5GB monthly consumption cap on network use, with a steep price to pay for going over that figure, it remains to be seen if switching to LTE will change that.

source: VentureBeat via DSLReports

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