Verizon sends out MMS to its customers for its latest KIN marketing campaign

Verizon sends out MMS to its customers for its latest KIN marketing campaign
The sheer impressive specs of any handset doesn't always result in stellar sales, but it can hinge a lot on how strategically it is marketed. Verizon's latest duo, the KIN ONE and TWO, are surely going to try and attack the social networking crazed individuals out there by directly getting to the heart of their own customers. Big Red is getting the word out on Microsoft's tandem by launching an MMS marketing strategy which should be landing on the handsets of their customers – giving them an overview of what KIN does and how they openly greet people. It's not necessarily the first time we've seen an advertising campaign like this in the past, but it's going towards the correct direction in getting the word out to people who might be under the rocks when it comes to the latest gadgets out there. Although it'll remain unseen for now how successful this pans out, we're sure that there will be more to come as it's probably known that Microsoft will pull all the brakes and do their part in making this successful.

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1. wade1968

Posts: 224; Member since: Apr 12, 2010

i don't know about anyone else but the kin's are ugly and the OS sucks. microsoft didn't care about their mobile OS till HTC skinned it and made it cool. these are a quick attempt to make some money now which i see failing. hello windows 2 little and way to late.

2. Gowireless

Posts: 85; Member since: Feb 23, 2010

i think this phone will sell to the right people i see alot of high school kids geting this phone and any one that sits on myspace or facebook all day will be geting this phone for sure

3. hbk

Posts: 9; Member since: May 15, 2010

This phone does not have any apps. This phone is really a chaperone wannabe smartphone because if you log in to the phone’s website you can read every text sent and received. So this phone will sell to those kids who want a smartphone strictly for the facebook and myspace feature. Other than that this phone is horrible. Parents will love it but any kid or consumer with a peanut brain will know this phone is horrible.

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