Storm 2, Touch Pro2, Omnia II and possibly the Pre - all in Verizon's inventory database

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Storm 2, Touch Pro2, Omnia II and possibly the Pre - all in Verizon's inventory database
One of our most loyal tipsters has just shared some quite spicy info with us. Hi-end handset lovers will be delighted to know that the RIM BlackBerry Storm 2, the HTC Touch Pro2 (XV6875), as well as the Samsung Omnia II and Convoy U640 (okay, this one might not be that hi-end really) have now appeared in Verizon’s inventory database. Unfortunately, we do not have any other details on these guys as of now, but hope this means we will see them official soon enough.

You didn’t think this was over, did you? Interestingly enough, two Palm devices have also found their way to the carrier’s system. Codenamed P101 and P121, we have absolutely no idea what these are, but we can still speculate a bit by saying that there is a chance for the P101 to be the Palm Pre itself. The reason for this is that back in March, when we got to check out the leaked 2009 roadmap of Sprint, the Pre was mentioned also as the P100. So, could the P101 be the Verizon Pre and could the P121 be the Eos? Alright, alright, we won’t push our luck here and will just wait for something new on the matter.

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Thanks, Snapdude!

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