New $29 Smartphone data plan offered by Verizon

New $29 Smartphone data plan offered by Verizon
Starting today, Verizon will offer a new $29.99 smartphone data plan to its customers. This plan is targeted to individuals who do not require corporate Email connectivity (BES, WSES, GOOD), but instead use standard Email accounts, such as Windows Live, Yahoo, AOL,, and POP3 providers. Also included is unlimited (5GB) data usage for web surfing and Email attachments. As of now, this new data plan is only avaliable for use with the SMT5800, XV6800, and Q9m smartphones, but according to Verizon, it will be offered to more devices in the coming months. Hopefully the XV6900 Touch will be included in this list, as it is due out this month.

source: Verizon Wireless, thanks Omie.



1. ND unregistered

Contacted CS and they have no info on this? Interesting. Claim only Blackberry is eligible.

2. Bob unregistered

Just got the posters today, will launch april 15th

3. Sean unregistered

False. It's available as an option for the Q9m, XV6800, and SMT5800 in the upgrade section of "My Account".

4. elgee02 unregistered

Did a horrible job letting their employees know about this plan ahead of time. In fact, the only way they DID let their employees know about this plan is a blurb about their press release on the intranet home page, not exactly jumping out at you if you see the page. So basically, don't be surprised if you get VZW reps completely unaware of this new plan.

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

I agree. My AM told me about it during break. Kinda cool. Looking forward to it!

6. DeeMan unregistered

Wow, this is great. I get to enjoy the spoils of unlimited data for $15 less. Thank you VZW. I have the xv6800 and this was a long time coming.

7. unregistered

WOW!!! I don't blame vzw for not telling their reps. This is huge news that would have leaked. I know a lot of people that used sprint bc of the data plans. I see a lot of people switching.

8. VZWeb unregistered

Unfortunately, I am not showing that this data package exists and I'm hoping that I'm right...

9. Krank unregistered

People that have a i760 are gonna be mad. How could you not include that phone?

10. sure unregistered

Seriously verizon likes to take their sweet time releasing phones... Makeing ambigous release time frames that are essentially meaningless... Everyone knew the exact date the iphone would be released, which was really good marketing.. but verizon likes to keep secrets and withhold information as much as possible... they have an unhealthy need to always be in contrtol of everything... I really don't want to switch to them but my whole family has it... I freakin hate it

11. steven unregistered

Wow! I just purchased the xv6900 (touch). Funny thing is the new 30 plan isn't available for it until SUMMER! I have msn mail so I can't use push mail for it until I get this plan. So, I am stuck in email hell for now. Good phone, bad form, Verizon.

12. info unregistered

to post 11# you can use msn, just downld msn client for pda phns and it will allow you to get hotmail/msn emails, the 6700 and 6800 both have it and you dont need the 29.99 plan to use it. either plan will allow you to use the software

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