Verizon promo shaves $50 off the price of select tablets when you buy a smartphone

Verizon promo shaves $50 off the price of select tablets when you buy a smartphone
Continuing to be one of Big Red’s staples, the carrier is heavily known for advertising buy one, get one free promotions with its selection of handsets. However, they’ve been relatively low key in regards to promotions with tablets. Luckily, things are starting to change!

From the looks of it, Verizon quietly rolled out a new tablet promotion that starts today and goes on throughout the rest of the month.  Essentially, customers that buy smartphones with a 2-year contract are entitled to get a $50 discount off select tablets on their lineup.

Specifically, they would have to pick up any of their 3G or 4G enabled tablets with an accompanying 2-year agreement to receive the discount. However, it doesn’t apply to their Wi-Fi only tablet offerings, which include the original Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Not everyone might be too keen on signing up for lengthy 2-year contracts, but for those who are planning to pick up a smartphone and tablet either way, they’re sure to appreciate this promotion more than others. Sadly though, it doesn’t look like the $50 discount will apply if you happen to buy a 3G or 4G tablet outright – instead, it’s only offered with contract deals.

source: Droid-Life via Electronista



1. Thump3rDX17

Posts: 2160; Member since: May 10, 2010

oh wow! i just got two phones last week! i wonder if they'd let me take advantage of it still.

3. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

I think so. You're still within the 14 exchange period so I say go for it!

2. dandirk unregistered

Not a deal until I can combine my data usage of all devices. I am not paying twice for 2 devices. Its just a way to stack charges, and increase customer "waste" of purchased service. The "tiered" plans are not being used to control usage and spread cost properly as they want you to believe. It's to nickel and dime more cash from you while trying to appear competitive. If they were honest with their tiered plan they would allow any number of devices on the same plan and remove any tethering charges/restrictions. Wireless 3/4g is not like cable internet where if not throttled, 1 device can take over the whole pipe. Its just pisses me off... 4GB w/ tether $50. 5GB w/o tether is the same price. wtf is that???? Makes no sense, supposedly customers were "abusing" unlimited (Can't be done)... I would like an explanation...

4. kain unregistered

Would you like some cheese with that whine? Heres an explanation...they are a business. They, like every other business are out to make money by offering a service. You, like everyone else, have the right to choose whether or not you want their services. If you don't, just say no and dont bitch about it. There's your explanation. Feel better now?

5. superguy

Posts: 469; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

Or if they were smart, then they would have something more customer friendly to make money. Example: I'm considering buying a tablet. Tablets are subsidized very little so keep that in mind. If I'm on a 2GB plan for $30 a month, I'll probably go over that if I add another device. If I could combine both devices for $50 and use 5GB between the two, I'd find it worth the extra money and buy the tablet, plus whatever profit they make off the tablet. However, I have the 2 GB plan and pay $30. I'd consider the 4G tablet (either Xoom or Galaxy). Verizon wants me to pay another $50 for 5GB of data. So I'm paying $80 for 7 GB - an amount I won't even come close to using. Sorry, I'm not paying $80 for extra bandwidth I'm not going to use (especially when Verizon's already getting nearly that much for FiOS from me). So Verizon could have made an extra $20 a month for a reasonable product, but lost that because they wanted $50. Even with an unlimited plan, charging an extra $20/month to connect the tablet would be worth it. Treat it like tethering. The extra money might look good on paper, but if it doesn't materialize because it's overpriced, they're losing money they could have made if it had been more reasonably priced.

6. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

Actually you can pool the data if you have a smartphone & subscribe to mobile hotspot. for example, you pay $30 2GB and you decide to add mobile hotspot for an extra $20 for 2GB. So essentially you have 4GB for $50 shared between your smartphone & a tablet that can access the hotspot feature. 4GB for $50...7GB for $70...& 12GB for $100. Only works this way with the hotspot feature though, not if you take out a plan for the 3G/4G tablet itself.

7. dandirk unregistered

That is a work around... I can do that on my own with a tether app and a non-verizon wireless only tablet. Thus not partaking in their deal. I would be happy to switch to the new tiered service if I could pool data and use my paid data allotment and charged the overages if I go over. Seem fair to me. They make money and I get to buy stuff and use the service offered. And will "bitch" about it if I want. I am happy to tell them why they are making less money from me.

8. dandirk unregistered

Yes I love cheese with my wine and steak with my beer... btw I like mine Med rare. Ok so if everyone followed your advice companies would have to guess what their customers want? Sorry to break it to you they want us to bitch and compliment. Sure I was a bit heavy handed but I was telling it how I see it. I support them going to tiered plans. They found the "unlimited" thing didn't work due to higher then planned usage. They changed their structure with that expressed reason. They then try and take the cake and eat it too by still keeping data charges per device when based off their own public reasoning doesn't make sense. I called them on it and will say no...

12. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

@dandirk - i feel like i'm reading a comment posted by Vince Vaughn. what the hell are you talking about? complaints or "compliments", as you put it, don't make a company knowledgeable...its paying attention to what's going on in the industry. if companies moved out on all the bitchy, selfish demands that customers vomit on them each day they would be bankrupt b/c your average customer wants everything for nothing. look at Sprint. they listened to the customer to offer unlimited everything for next to nothing and look how much money they lose each they have to inch the price up little by little in $10 increments. Look at T-Mobile...doing the same thing (have been for years) which they are possibly going to be absorbed by At&t which ironically has higher prices. my point, all customers do is talk a good game but actually have very little knowledge of what it takes to sustain a successful business so your "bitch & compliment" theory doesn't hold water.

11. newfdog 13

Posts: 64; Member since: Mar 06, 2010

Meanwhile, did anyone notice they raised the prices of some of their smartphones by $50? The Droid Incredible 2 was $149.99 now its back up to $199.99. (and many others) Gee....what a bargain....give back $50 that they just took........

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