Verizon launchs child location service

Finding where your children are is just a click way now with the new Chaperone location service launched by Verizon Wireless. Based on Global Positioning System (GPS) data, Chaperone is designed to
supplement the parameters parents have already established with their children with two options, Chaperone Child Locator and Chaperone with Child Zone(SM). The availability of Chaperone with Child Zone marks the first time a wireless service allows parents to establish predetermined areas in which a child can travel with their Migo phone and automatically alert the parent about the location of the device when it enters or leaves the defined area.

  •  Chaperone Child Locator Once the child is equipped with a new or updated Migo phone and the service is activated on the account, parents can locate their child's Migo phone from a PC via the Chaperone Web site ( Optionally, parents can download the Chaperone application from the Get It Now virtual store, at no charge, to conduct single location requests for the Migo hone directly from the parent's Verizon Wireless phone.
  • Chaperone with Child Zone -- Using the Chaperone Web site, a parent can construct an area called a Child Zone around the vicinity of locations that their child frequents (such as school, playgrounds or daycare centers).  Different locations can be "zoned" for one time, always on, or for up to 24 hours.  When the child arrives or leaves the predetermined area with their Migo phone, the parent is alerted via TXT Message on their Verizon Wireless phone.

To purchase Chaperone, parents first need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Family Share Plan and must have a Migo phone on that account. Parents can add the basic Chaperone Child Locator for $9.99 monthly access per line or add Chaperone Child Locator and Chaperone with Child Zone for $19.99 monthly access per line.

Currently, the LG Migo is the only device which can be used for the Chaperone service. It feature four programmable buttons for speed dialing, greyscale LCD display, speaker phone and weight of only 2.5 oz. The Migo phone is available from Verizon Wireless for $49.99 with a new two-year customer agreement. For customers who have previously purchased the Migo and want to take advantage of the new service must go to a Verizon Wireless location to get their phone's software upgraded before it can be used with the Chaperone.

Source: Prnewswire

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