Verizon invests in Indiana's cell towers

Verizon invests in Indiana's cell towers
Natural disasters can cause a lot of havoc for people in distress and looking for help. The worse thing that can happen is not having your call from your cell phone connect to an emergency operator. Tornados have been notorious for causing a lot of destruction in the state of Indiana. Verizon Wireless responded by investing a lot of money in keeping their towers operational in the event a tornado arrives. They’ve ensured their customers out there that service will continue to work by installing backup generators in almost every cell site in Indiana. These generators are not cheap and cost around $35,000 each; which will ensure full operation in the event power goes out. So next time you complain about an expensive phone bill, just remember that Verizon is putting that money to good use by preserving their network. They’ve managed to spend roughly $5.5 billion every year to increase their coverage across the national network while maintaining others. In 2008 alone, more than $106.5 million has been invested across their network in Indiana.

source: PR Newswire

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