Verizon introduces VZ Navigator VX for select Android phones

Verizon introduces VZ Navigator VX for select Android phones
With Verizon's VZ Navigator (which costs $9.99 a month) competing with the free Google Maps with Navigation app on Android smartphones, most people have elected to use Google's navigation program due to the 3D street views, satellite views...and did we mention it's free? Hoping to get more users, Verizon has now update their VZ Navigator app to version VX, as they are calling it. The updated program is compatible with select Android phones, including the Motorola DROID X, HTC Droid Incredible, and the Samsung Fascinate (other phones will be updated later on). So what's new is this version? It offers 3D city and road views that adds dimension to turn-by-turn direction, as well as “real” signs and road views, satellite maps and day/night modes. Unfortunate, the 3D views only work in 6 cities right now (Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Mo., New York, and Washington D.C.) with more cities being added throughout 2011.

We downloaded the new version of VZ Navigator VX on our Motorola DROID X, and after it was installed it prompted us to download all of the 3D maps for the supported cities, which took about 30 minutes over Wi-Fi. Since we are in the South Florida area we were able to try out the navigation, which works just fine, but could not view the 3D city and road views as we're not in one of those 6 cities that is currently supported. We're glad to see that Verizon is updating their VZ Navigator program to make it compete better with Google's offering, but at this point, we'd still rather use the Google Maps with Navigation, as its offers a lot more 3D street views and doesn't cost a monthly charge.

Let us know what you think of the new VZ Navigator VX in the comment section, and be sure to check out the video below!

source: Verizon Wireless


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