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  • Verizon geared up to introduce new prepaid plans, ALLSET plans start at $45 for smartphones

Verizon geared up to introduce new prepaid plans, ALLSET plans start at $45 for smartphones

Posted: , by Maxwell R.

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Verizon geared up to introduce new prepaid plans, ALLSET plans start at $45 for smartphones
Beginning March 2nd, Big Red will roll out a new series of pre-paid rates called ALLSET. Geared specifically to smartphones and basic phones, these 3G plans are meant to provide affordability with no surprise overages or limits to data.

Starting at $45 per month, the ALLSET plans provide unlimited talk and text and include 500MB of data. If you have a feature phone, for $35, you can get 500 minutes, unlimited text and 500MB of data. For those that need more, that is where BRIDGE DATA comes into play.

BRIDGE DATA is a data add-on option. For example, you pick up the basic smartphone ALLSET plan, $45, but want extra data in addition to the 500MB included with the ALLSET. Another 500MB costs $5. 1GB is $10 and 3GB is $20.

That means you could have an ALLSET plan with unlimited talk and text, along with 3.5GB of data for $65. The cool thing is that the data does not expire every 30 days (only the 500MB option does). The 1GB and 3GB options have a shelf life of 90 days. So, that extra $20 option could conceivably be spread out over three months (assuming you do not use all the data).

You can buy up to two BRIDGE DATA extras within a single plan cycle. The data is used on a first-in, first-out basis. That means you could get up to 6.5GB of data, unlimited talk and text for $85. That is not a bad deal for people that prefer prepaid.

Mobile hotspot is a built in feature to the new ALLSET plans too. That will have appeal for students or people on the go (and on a strict budget). The only caveat is that the smartphones on Verizon’s pre-paid schedule are all 3G/EV-DO devices, there is no 4G/LTE in sight. For LTE, you need to have a tablet or Mi-Fi device.

Thanks for the tip!

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posted on 23 Feb 2014, 16:11 5

1. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

I knew there was a catch - 3G speeds only.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 17:40

4. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

This sounds like VZWs attempt to help BlackBerry stay viable. I wonder what kind of deal BB had to give VZW to swing this plan?

posted on 24 Feb 2014, 22:22

10. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

Verizon's prepaid voice plans has always been 3G. The only prepaid 4G LTE is for a mobile hotspot.

The nice thing about Verizon prepaid plan is getting the top up cards at 14-15% discount. I loaded up my Verizon prepaid account to $400 before jumping to post paid on a 2-year contract.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 16:16 1

2. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4783; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

I thought that Verizon wanted to get away from 3G and phase it out. Dropping it was supposed to free up bandwidth and cut down on the maintenance of keeping up 2 networks. Now they're keeping it around for prepaid? Seems like if you want Verizon's policies to change, just wait a few minutes and it will, though only for the worse.

posted on 24 Feb 2014, 23:49

11. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

As customers move to LTE, Verizon has huge excessive capacity for 3G, hence the push for Verizon prepaid or Verizon whored-out MVNO like Page Plus, Straight Talk, etc.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 16:28 1

3. corporateJP (Posts: 2458; Member since: 28 Nov 2009)

Still junk, still a rip-off.

AT&T's Aio will give you unlimited everything for $45 a month with autopay, data as well (albeit throttled after 2.5 GB high-speed), on a network that is par with Verizon.

The whole "Verizon has the best network" talk no longer holds water for a lot of people, especially where I'm at.

If T-Mobile works where you are, MetroPCS trumps it all for $40 or GO Smart for $35.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 17:54

5. ZombieHunter (Posts: 70; Member since: 13 Oct 2013)

Actually, Metro $40 plan only includes 500mb, you would have to step up to the $50 plan to get the 2.5gb, which, IMHO is not worth it. AT&T AIO kicks T-Mobile to the curb with coverage. AND GoSmart is worse... Their $45 package with unlimited "High Speed" is only 3G for the first 5gb, then throttled to 2G.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 18:04

6. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

I get 200 minutes and unlimited messages and 5 GB of 4G LTE data, slowed down afterwards for 30.00 a month and I get great coverage in my area....I win..jk

posted on 24 Feb 2014, 22:18

9. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

1. Aio's 4G speeds are throttled.
2. Aio's current non-throttled 4G data bucket has been reduced when compared to the initial offering.
None of Aio's plan currently offers free hotspot feature.

The hotspot feature is extra on Metro and from what people tell me the hotspot is only good for 50 MB of data transfer at a time.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 21:13 1

7. wkm001 (Posts: 143; Member since: 04 Feb 2014)

I switched from Verizon to AT&T last week. I am amazed at how much faster AT&T is. 35 mbps down and 15 mbps up. If I want to move to prepaid I don't have to flash a newer phone or use an old crippled 3g EVDO phone.

I understand why Verizon isn't allowing prepaid on LTE, it is slow enough already.

posted on 23 Feb 2014, 21:55

8. Fuego84 (Posts: 352; Member since: 13 May 2012)

Garbage compared to T-Mobile offerings, $50 unlimited talk and text + $20 unlimited 4g Internet no throttling.

posted on 06 Aug 2014, 22:19

12. alex235 (Posts: 8; Member since: 29 Jul 2014)

Well, you can read review on the same topic at UseMyReviews too.

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