Verizon announces new phones, not the cool ones

Verizon announces new phones, not the cool ones
Today Verizon Wireless officially announced five “new” phones: LG enV2, BlackBerry Curve, XV6900 Touch, Moto Q9c and Samsung Alias.

As you know from our numerous rumors, the LG enV2 (previously known as the VX9100) is the slimmer and more contemporary looking successor of the popular phone. It also is a side-opening clamshell with a small display and a keypad on the front and full QWERTY and landscape QVGA on the inside. enV2 will be available in April, for $130 with a contract and after rebates, either in Maroon or Black color.

LG enV2 Specifications

The BlackBerry Curve 8330 is expected to launch on Sprint’s network on April 16th, but the Verizon release will follow in May, at a price of $270 after $50 mail-in rebate and signing of a two-year contract. The 8330 has an identical design to the GSM variants of the Curve, which are available with both AT&T and T-Mobile. It has QVGA landscape display, QWERTY keyboard, 2-megapixel camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD slot, and HTML browser.

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Specifications

Verizon Wireless XV6900 is the boring name of the otherwise cool HTC Touch CDMA. Coming in April, it will be available in a new White color, which is the only new thing when compared to the Sprint’s variant, which was released a few months ago. It is a slim Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone with 2.8” flat QVGA display, EV-DO and GPS.

Verizon Wireless XV6900 Specifications | Review

The last two phones announced today are the Motorola Q9c and the Samsung Alias. The information on the Q9c was revealed back in August, pointing out that this was the business variant of the Q9m. For $250 (after $50 MIR), it will make use of the GPS chip, with VZNavigator preloaded. Samsung Alias has been available since the beginning of the month, so we don’t really see a reason for announcing it now.

Motorola Q9c Specifications | Review
Samsung Alias Specifications | Review

Verizon didn’t say a word about the Decoy, Dare, Glyde, VX8560 or the VU30. Of course, we will keep on following the unofficial information and provide you with updates.

source: Verizon Wireless via Gizmodo



1. Tdll13 unregistered

Are you kidding me? How is the lg vx9700 not included in this group? I love verizon but I do get tired of the way they drag their feet when they are releasing new phones... Time to piss and moan like an in impotent jerk and then bend over and take it up the tail pipe....

2. unregistered

They didn't annouce the Glyde and that has been rumored loooooong before the 9700. I doubt the Glyde and 9700 will be launching at the same time. Besides CTIA starts tomorrow, Maybe LG or Samsung will announce these phones.

3. Ben unregistered

Well, they may not have officially announced the launch. But the Glyde is now being advertised by verizon. I was looking at the pretty pictures in my GF's US Weekly for April 7th and Verizon has an ad on page 32-33 showing a picture of the Glyde, clearly, in the lower right hand corner, touch screen glory in full effect. Guess that means it's on the horizon sooner rather than later. Hopefully the same will be true about the 9700. Damn I want that phone!

4. Ryan unregistered

Can you scan a picture of the ad?

5. George unregistered

The only good phone there is the enV2...why don't they call the Blackberry and HTC phones the names they are called on other carriers. It is stupid. They better announce the VX9700 w/ a cool name soon, and the Samsung Glyde. GET IT TOGETHER VERIZON!

6. some guy unregistered

did you just tell the most profitable and money making carrier in the US to get it together?

7. unregistered

9700 does have a name it's rumored to be called the "Dare"

8. LordObento unregistered

They call the Blackberry the same as other Carriers, VZW has a Curve and a Pearl. Same as GSM and CDMA Curve and Pearl. The Vogue/Touch/XV6900 or anything from HTC/UTS always has a different name. Titan/Mogul/XV6800/TYTN or SMT5800/Vox The 9700 is callled "LG Dare"

9. harper unregistered

anyone know if iphone will be coming soon? :( becuase verizn is suppose to have LTE soon right?

10. George unregistered

Thanks, I realized the Blackberries afterwards. But I mainly mean the Htc's, etc....The numbers are much harder to remember than names.

11. BIG B unregistered


12. T-Money3000 unregistered

You guyz need to see the title of this news article. New phones but NOT the cool ones!

13. Sean unregistered

The fact that the Glyde is on the rebate from means absolutely nothing unfortunately. Phones show up on rebate forms all the time long before they have release dates set.

14. Ben unregistered

Alright, so to follow up for #4 I did scan the ad showing the Glyde. I uploaded the pictures to photobucket so you can check them at these links: Full Ad: Close up of what I think is the Glyde Hope that helps.

15. George unregistered

That is deffinitely the Glyde. Good scan. I can't wait till this phone comes out. (also excited for the LG Dare, and LG enV2)

16. Bill unregistered

When the hell is the Dare coming out!!!!

17. rodddtackham unregistered

the reason they posted the Alias is because it's coming out in a different color with different color buttons as well

18. Ernie unregistered

I dont think thats the glyde, the chick in the dress has the voyager in her hand... thats a voyager on the bottom too

19. samsung unregistered

well maybe some of us need to get there eyes checked cause the last time i checked samsung wasnt making a voyager lg was with tht being said" killer phone"

20. unregistered

ummm okay. i HAVE the LG env2, and I love it! it's like the coolest phone ever. but it's weird looking. So if you get it, be prepared to be asked what the phone is. (most people think that it is a calculator. :p

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