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Verizon and Wirefly both offer the Nokia Lumia Icon for just $149.99

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Verizon and Wirefly both offer the Nokia Lumia Icon for just $149.99
The Nokia Lumia Icon is now available from Verizon. The 5 inch top-shelf Windows Phone 8 model has been priced at $199.99 with a signed two-year contract. But we actually know of a couple of places where you can get either the black or white version of the phone for only $149.99, and surprisingly, one of them is Verizon. When you order online from Verizon, use the coupon code VZWDEAL and you'll save $50 on the device. Since we don't know how long this coupon will be in place for, we wouldn't suggest taking too long to make the purchase.

Additionally, Wirefly is also offering the Nokia Lumia Icon for $149.99. With this deal, no coupons are required and Wirefly even has a special $100 Verizon Wireless bill credit. To get the $100 credit, you have to buy the phone by February 28th, and you must have been a Wirefly customer for at least 30 days. Which means that you have to have been a previous Wirefly customer to get the bill credit. We also have to point out that this price is good only for those opening a new Verizon account.

So if you've been waiting for what feels like forever to see the Nokia Lumia Icon released, here is a chance to pay yourself back for your patience by at least $50. Keep in mind that thanks to the GDR3 update, this phone is just as highly spec'd as any current top-shelf Android model.

Wirefly and Verizon will sell you the Nokia Lumia Icon for $149.99

source: Slickdeals via WPCentral

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