Verizon WebOS handsets getting another price drop & offering free Mobile Hotspot

Verizon WebOS handsets getting another price drop & offering free Mobile Hotspot
It's almost scary to imagine that Big Red is having an extremely difficult time selling their WebOS smartphones, but the facts are pointing to a realizing truth – which might not look too good for Palm. Already seeing drops in pricing for both the Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus models, it's apparent that it might not have been enough to attract people to it. Checking out their web site, Verizon is now offering the Pre Plus for $49.99 and Pixi Plus for $29.99 – those are some serious pricing structures that would hopefully entice enough people. Not stopping there, one of the special features that these WebOS handsets offer are its Mi-Fi like capabilities with Mobile Hotspot. To even sweeten the deal for potential buyers, the add-on feature is being listed as $0.00 on Verizon's web site. When you look at the new strategies they've put in place, it wouldn't be surprising to see these two decent smartphones get a much needed sales kick – not to mention that it still qualifies for their BOGO offer. Time will tell if this move is able to stir up sales for Palm's devices with Verizon, but if it doesn't, it could spell for some potential disastrous news for the long time smartphone maker.

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source: Verizon (Pre, Pixi) via BerryScoop


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