Verizon Cyber Monday deals 2019: Here's which iPhones will be free

Verizon Cyber Monday deals
Black Friday might technically be over, but the hot deals are not. Coming in straight with its best Cyber Monday deals for all those who missed the Black Friday festival, Verizon is once again chock-full of great deals and bargains that are online only. Let's see what Big Red has in store!

Let's start with a rather lucrative deal: the Apple iPhone 8 Plus can be yours for $10 a month, while the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7 Plus could be yours for just $5 a month with a new line, with no trade in required. That's a great deal on the aging, but still great devices. If this deal is somehow too steep for you, Verizon will give you a free iPhone 7 if you get a new line. Once again, no trade in is required, but a qualifying new line is.

You can get $450 off the iPhone XS Max today only on Verizon's online store.

The Galaxy S10+ is a subject to a neat BOGO deal, where buying one will have a second device discounted by $750.

The LG G8 is also 50% off today only with a qualifying new line.

On the Android side of things, Verizon will give you a Nokia 3V if you opt for a new line, with no trade-in required.

The Moto Z4 is also discounted and available for just $5 a month. 

You can also get an LG Stylo 5, with the same terms.

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