Verizon CEO Mead wants success for BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Verizon CEO Mead wants success for BlackBerry and Windows Phone
Thanks to its exclusive launch of the Motorola DROID back in 2009, Verizon has been seen as having a strong connection with Android devices. But during an address made Wednesday, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead said that both Windows Phone (which he mistakenly referred to as Windows Mobile 8) and BlackBerry play an important part in the industry's ecosystem. "Three to four operating systems is good for the industry and good for us," the executive said.

Mead pointed out that Verizon's network contains many BlackBerry users and pointed out that there has been strong demand for the QWERTY equipped BlackBerry Q10, but would not give a firm launch date for the device. Referring to the phone, Mead said, "We're hopeful it will meet the needs for our customers who have been loyal BlackBerry customers." As far as Windows Phone is concerned, Verizon is close to releasing the Nokia Lumia 928, which will be an exclusive for the nation's largest carrier.

During his talk, which was held at an investor's conference, Mead also brought up the possibility of reducing or eliminating subsidies on new phones, saying that it is a part of the business being discussed. The topic of voice over LTE service also came up with the CEO confirming a launch of the service for next year. Mead said that Verizon plans on adding features like video calling and HD voice to the service.

source: CNET

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