Velocity Mobile reveals more of its Odyssey interface

Velocity Mobile reveals more of its Odyssey interface
Back in April, during the CTIA 2008 show, Velocity Mobile attracted the attention, revealing its first two models. Both have nice specifications and design and were announced with versions suitable for AT&T, T-Mobile and the European carriers. Velocity Mobile announced that they are emphasizing not only on high-end features, but also “on ease-of-use, sleek and attractive design”.

In order to be easy-to-use, a Windows Mobile smartphone must get some interface personalization (HTC offers the TouchFLO 3D and Samsung has the TouchWiz in its OMNIA, etc.). The pictures of the Velocity phones showed them with a weather application on the homescreen, but there was no information on what other personalization they will have. The official site of the manufacturer now has a division called Odyssey, which is the name of the interface itself. Frankly, the demonstration of its features didn’t impress us.

The homescreen shows nothing more than the weather app and a few lines with service information (upcoming events, etc.) – there are no tabs with functionality directly from here (for example for playing music or dialing the favorite contacts) and there are no shortcuts either. Swiping a finger upwards from the bottom of the screen reveals a “taskbar”, whose four shortcut icons can be personalized. The only other feature is VOTA, which stands for Velocity Over the Air; hopefully, with OTA upgrades the personalization plug-in will be able to receive additional functionality.

In one of the demonstrations, Vodafone United Kingdom name can be noticed. Although it can mean absolutely nothing, it hints that this may be one of the carriers to offer the Velocity handsets. However, neither Vodafone nor Velocity Mobile have announced this for the moment.

source: VelocityMobile



1. unregistered

you said that this phone had "ease of use". IT IS SIMPLE AND EASY. you never said they were trying to impress you. It is sleek lookng though. The icons are colourful and stand out on the black background. It is everything they promised you.

2. jay_lo unregistered

i wouldnt mind having this OS in like a standard windows mobile device. it seems flashy and i like it. it also seems super easy to use.!!

3. Gus unregistered

I love the home screen, its no buggy as the tochflo or the samsung omnia!

4. WhoaShutItDown unregistered

I'll admit it's pretty, but be's still window moble...

6. unregistered

Did Bill Gates run over your dog as a child? Windows Mobile is an awesome OS... a little outdate but awesome. I have been using WinMo devices since 2003 and the only times it crashes on me is when I try doing too much stuff on the phone, like steam video while txting, or have too many applications running in the background. USER ERROR!!!!! That's why people hate Vista and and hate on windows mobile, I would say that 99.99999901% of all issues with windows is user error. The other.00000019% is attributed to the OS. Windows has had a professional mobile platform for around 10 years now, Apple only one, so of course apple's is going to look better, it was designed to look better than WinMo on purpose so Steve Jobs and his cohort of highly paid advertising agents could market an inferior product that looks very pretty. The only cool thing about the iPhone is the multitough. I would rather own an iPod Touch and a WinMo phone than an iPhone as the only time it works is on Wi-Fi anyways. I am glad that more people are tweaking hte WinMo OS. Maybe Microsoft will release a "pretty" version with WinMo 7.

5. paperchaser unregistered

it looks a lil like the pointUI homescreen, but does look very nice

7. daffodil unregistered

All trying to ape the HTC TouchFLO. HTC has experience and enough R&D to pull off a feat like TouchFLO. I believe it will be difficult for a newcomer like Velocity match that....

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