VRS Design's iPhone 7/7 Plus case collection has it all, even a selfie stick bumper

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So you're mentally prepared to pony up the cash for AppleCare to insure your future iPhone 7 or 7 Plus against accidental damage, but then, as is shockingly often the case, you end up dropping it a month or three later. BAM, your screen is caput.  And no, you're not off the hook because of AppleCare—you still better have $99 to spare to replace the screen on that not-so-shiny-anymore new iPhone. And if you thought that "hey, that's true, but I take care of my iPhone", the reality is that every second smartphone on the planet ends up with a smashed display at some point in its life. If you're fine with those odds, that's cool with us, but the rest might want to look into what cases are out there.

And yes, it's not too early, thanks to the abundance of leaks that have plagued the upcoming iPhone(s) launch. These regularly make it possible for case makers such as VRS Design to get their case collections out of the door almost as soon as a new hot device hits the market. On that point, the guys behind VRS Design have obviously been burning the midnight oil, for a massive 12 different collections of cases for the iPhone 7/7 Plus are being readied for launch.

With this type of variety available, it should come as no surprise that cases from all strata are up for grabs. The list includes our personal favorites—the barely there type that blends aesthetics with at least some level of protection—along with more rugged solutions, or cases made out of premium materials such as crocodile leather. Heck, VRS Design is even offering a case with an integrated selfie stick so you no longer have to lug one around wherever you go. That is, assuming you leave your poorly-lit bathroom for those, of course.

Let's have a look, shall we?

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iPhone 7 collection by VRS Design
iPhone 7 Plus collection by VRS Design

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