Users prefer mobile web over native apps?

Users prefer mobile web over native apps?
A survey, commissioned by Adobe and performed by Keynote Systems, shows that users largely prefer using their mobile browser over downloading specific apps. "Obviously," you say? Well, the news is grim for developers that try to offer a focused experience revolving around their products.

The only activities immune to the browser-preference are games, social networking, and music. The reasoning being that those apps just wouldn't function as well within a mobile browser. With the improvement in native browsers, and ubiquitous 4G on the way, maybe we'll see less dependence on apps in those 3 sectors.

The preference was most pronounced in product reviews, which 78% of users chose to view on their mobile browsers. Again, we aren't surprised. Reading product reviews isn't a frequent enough activity to merit a dedicated app. It could be, but only if the product review app were broad enough to include many different product sectors.

We should be aware of potential bias built into the study. As it's commissioned by Adobe, they no doubt hoped that participants would prefer the mobile browser. This would affirm the importance of Adobe's web tools, as opposed to developers' dedicated apps.

source: eMarketer via IntoMobile


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1. ibap

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THANK YOU! I keep wondering why various sources keep churning out platform- or device-specific apps, when what is really needed is a good mobile browser adaptation. Or does Apple pay these guys to keep making these things only for the iPhone? And there needs to be an EEEEEASY way to create a direct shortcut on a device. Android already has this much easier than Windows Mobile (previous generation version) ever did.

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